Chu Teh-Chun 朱德群 Chinese-French, 1920-2014



-- 朱德群


I love Chinese poetry, it blends naturally into my painting. It is not a coincidence that Western art critics see my work as poetically inspired abstractions. 

-- Chu Teh-Chun


Born in 1920, Chu Teh-Chun was graduated from National College of Art (now named as China Academy of Art) in Hangzhou under the teachings of Lin Fengmian. Chu was a peer and friend of Wu Guanzhong, one of the most important painters of 20th century. Chu's painting acts as unique form of Eastern abstraction, Wu once decribed Chu's art painting is similar to Western paintings when looking from afar, but they appear like Chinese painting when looking nearly. Chu adopted an oriental approach which are the five categories of ink and applied it to oil paint. The five categories are thickness, thinness, dryness, wetness and black, and it makes his artwork more diversified. In acknowledgement of his artistic achievement, he was  awarded the European Gold Medal of Merit in Luxembourg by the European Union.












「朱德群: Les Chemins de l’Abstraction」,Pinacothèque de Paris,巴黎,法國 (2013)


「朱德群回顧展」,中國美術館,北京,中國 (2010)

「金雪藍天: 朱德群彩繪陶瓷、書法作品」,澳門藝術博物館,澳門,中國 (2010)

朱德群: Pintura reciente」,馬伯樂畫廊,馬德里,西班牙 (2007)

「朱德群:油畫」,馬爾伯勒畫廊,紐約,美國 (2006)

「大象無形:朱德群繪畫」,澳門藝術博物館,澳門 (2004)

「朱德群:油畫」,上海博物館,中國 (2000)