Liu Kun 劉錕 China, b. 1968



Art is actually a way of thinking, a Worldview.

Born in Beijing, Liu Kun graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design in 1992. His works often imply particular cultural symbols with works expressing the deep and unique psychological state of the human mind through an eastern satirical and humorous form. He often uses viscid strokes and extravagant backgrounds to imply the sensation from the twists and jumps of a dance, and makes a playful re-construction of dance and an intervention in history. Such can be seen in his fantastic "Alice in Wonderland" In such concentration, the inevitable political issues are faded away, and the naturalistic emotions find their exit in the satirical and surreal balls. The dance hence becomes paradise and illusion. Liu participated in Asia-Pacific Arts Fair in New York in 2003, and held solo exhibitions, including "Hidden Strength" in 2004 and "Pas De Eeux" in 2005 in Hong Kong.

Liu has always been interested in using an oriental style of humor to depict images containing cultural symbols of a metaphorical nature. He also likes to reveal people’s state of mind, their unique innermost complexities.


Selected Exhibitions:


2005 - Shall We Dance, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong
2004 - The Power of Mystery, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong
2003 - The New York Arts of Pacific Asia Show, New York, USA
The San Francisco Arts of Asia Pacific Show, USA
21 Artists Group Exhibition, Xirui Art Centre of Beijing, China
2002 - POSITIV + ART Exhibition, Western Academy of Beijing, China
2001 - Liu Kun New Works Exhibition, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
1998 - Liu Kun Works Exhibition, Beijing, China
Four Person Exhibition, Beijing, China
1996 - Liu Kun Works Exhibition, Beijing, China