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Established by Mr. Fong Yuk Yan in 2001, Yan Gallery is committed to promoting works by both established and emerging Chinese artists. The gallery exclusively represents a prestigious group of artists, such as Wu Guanzhong, Pang Jiun, Shen Han Wu, Yang Mingyi, Chen Lianqing, Shen Jingdong, Cao Xiaodong and Liang Liqiang amongst others. Mr Fong has over thirty years of experience in the contemporary Chinese art industry. In the early 1980s he was one of the founders of L & F Gallery in Hong Kong and in 1991 he co-founded Yi Hua Lang (Zee Stone Gallery), which he directed and co-owned until 2001. In January 2010 Yan Gallery relocated from Lyndhurst Terrace to Hollywood Road. Yan Gallery continuously participates in Fine Art Asia, an internationally recognised leading Asian art fair and also works closely with its sister company Boundless Artists Collective to deliver the best opportunities to artists and institutions.


一畫廊由方毓仁先生創立至今,致力於經營中國著名藝術家珍品,並不斷推廣新晉藝術家。由一畫廊獨家代理的著名藝術家包括吳冠中、龎均、沈漢武、楊明義、陳聯慶、沈敬東、曹小冬、梁立強,以及眾多其他優秀藝術家(詳情見『藝術家』頁面)。2001年,一畫廊由經營中國當代藝術逾三十年的方毓仁先生創辦。二十世紀八十年代初期,方先生是L & F Gallery的創辦人之一,1991年又與他人合作創辦Zee Stone Gallery至2001年。2010年1月,一畫廊由香港中環擺花街遷至今址荷里活道1號。


  • Mr. Fong Yuk Yan

    Mr. Fong Yuk Yan

    Mr. Fong Yuk Yan’s background and experiences in the art industry have led him to his particular passion in contemporary Chinese art. Prior to establishing Mr. Fong’s eponymous gallery in 2001, he co-organised Wu Guanzhong’s first ever commercial exhibition in the late 1980s as well as the artist’s solo exhibition at the British Museum in 1991.   


    Today, Yan Gallery continues to focus on the works of the late artist Wu Guanzhong, who was a close friend of Mr. Fong. The artist authorised the gallery to sell his prints shortly before he passed. Mr. Fong exhibits artworks and represents celebrated Chinese artists such as Pang Jiun and Ren Zhe, among other important 20th century and contemporary artists.