About Us 關於我們

Established by Mr. Fong Yuk Yan, Yan Gallery is a local gallery specializes in modern and contemporary Chinese art by both established and emerging artists across Asia to the globe over the past decades. YAN is at the forefront of bridging the ideological gap between China and the western nations. We recognize and support the development of Chinese local artists and curators. Meanwhile, we aim to work with a diverse array of collectors and art institutions and acts as a cultural exchange platform. 



  • Mr. Fong Yuk Yan

    Mr. Fong Yuk Yan

    Mr. Fong Yuk Yan’s background and experiences in the art industry have led him to his particular passion in contemporary Chinese art. Prior to establishing Mr. Fong’s eponymous gallery in 2001, he co-organised Wu Guanzhong’s first ever commercial exhibition in the late 1980s as well as the artist’s solo exhibition at the British Museum in 1991.   


    Today, Yan Gallery continues to focus on the works of the late artist Wu Guanzhong, who was a close friend of Mr. Fong. The artist authorised the gallery to sell his prints shortly before he passed. Mr. Fong exhibits artworks and represents celebrated Chinese artists such as Pang Jiun and Ren Zhe, among other important 20th century and contemporary artists.