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  • Yan Gallery x Parklane Pullman: Artist Playground
    YAN Gallery Artist Playground為一畫廊於2021年全新成立的藝術概念體驗店,一畫廊作為一家於香港本土誕生的專業畫廊,在多年推廣中國當代藝術家作品的基礎之上,YAN Artist Playground將聯合眾多東西方獨立藝術家,致力於發展本地創意文化,將藝術、設計、建築與可持續發展等元素,注入顧客的生活。 從國際畫壇一代大師吳冠中,到當代頂尖雕塑藝術家任哲; 從色彩鮮明且童趣詼諧的人物肖像, 再到足跡遍佈中華大地的山河記憶, 以及藝術家們源于自然之美與生活方式的靈感碰撞⋯⋯ YAN Artist Playground開拓了我們對於藝術的想像空間,以及更多樣化表達藝術的方式。同時,YAN Artist Playground更秉承著培育本地及國際藝術人才的理念,以文創作品、藝術書籍、藝術家講座及工作坊的形式,向世界推廣中國文化,打造中外藝術文化交流的平台,不斷激發當代青年的創意靈感,推動創新力量。 YAN Gallery Artist Playground is an experiential art concept store established by YAN Gallery in 2021. As a professional local gallery, YAN Gallery has taken an active role in promoting Chinese contemporary artist and their work in recent years. Building up on our prior work, YAN Artist Playground serves as a community for Asian and Western artists to promote local creative culture. We hope to instill the elements of arts, design, architecture and sustainability into our customers’ life. YAN Artist Playground features a wide range of artists and work, such as work from the renowned contemporary Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong and sculpture artist Ren Zhe. From the surrealist portrait paintings to the Chinese landscape paintings, their work has depicted the beauty of nature and life. YAN Artist Playground has inspired many to explore new ways of thinking and expressing art. Meanwhile, YAN Artist Playground holds the mission to nurture local and international art experts. We hope to promote Chinese culture to the world through different medium, including artwork, publications, talks and workshops. We also hope to provide an international cultural exchange platform for teenagers and young adults, bringing them new inspiration and creative power to thrive in the art industry.