Wu Guanzhong 吳冠中 China, 1919-2010





Trandition is important, let us preserve it in museums without hindering our developments as we advance into a modern epoch. —— Wu Guanzhong


Born in 1919, Wu Guanzhong was revered as one of the most important Chinese painters of the 20th Century. Renowned for his landscape paintings, which amalgamated Western artistic traditions with the artist’s own Eastern cultural origins, his style represents the culmination of years of study in Hangzhou and Paris. Wu Guanzhong was well-versed in Chinese calligraphy and deeply influenced by Fauvism - where his paintings sought to combine the colours and composition from Western oil painting with a spirit, lightness of touch, and tonal variation of Chinese ink-wash painting. Among the many talents that he had, Wu Guanzhong also frequently wrote essays on contemporary Chinese art.