Bian Guoqiang 卞國強 Chinese, b. 1958


Born in Tianjin in 1958, Bian Guoqiang graduated from the Research and Training Class of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Paintings. As a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a state Grade B artist, he now works for the Chinese Artists Association.
His paintings are unadorned, tranquil, and elegant and pays close attention to his emotion and understanding of life. The artist absorbs brush and ink from traditional Chinese painting as well as the composition of Western paintings in an attempt to look for a new way of expression between traditional landscape painting and Western landscape painting.
He has participated in many large-scale painting exhibitions both at home and abroad and he has held many of his inidivudal painting exhibitions as well. His paintings have been collected by museums and individuals and he is featured in many books including World Who’s Who, China Dictionary of Calligraphers and Painters, and World Elites Dictionary. In addition, dozens of newspapers and magazines nationawide have introduced his paintings to the public. He has published various kinds of painting albums. 















《長春宮》,參加北京風韵系列作品展二 - '故成尋夢'。


His representative paintings include:

Tourists and Walking the Bird were selected in the First and Second National Fine Brushwork Painting Exhibitions respectively.
Snow Scene was collected by the Czech National Museum and German Second TV Station
Return in Snow won the Bronze Prize at Canada International Ink and Wash Exhibition
Great Wall was selected in the 9th National Military Painting Exhibition in Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Liberation Army.
Dragon was selected by Beijing Municipal Painting Exhibition
Folklore on the Yellow Plateau was selected by the First Chinese Painting Exhibition organized by the Art Committee of Chinese Painting.
Dragon Ready to Fly was selected in the ’98 Year of Fine Arts Chinese Landscape and Oil Landscape Paintings Comparison Exhibition.
Snow on the Taihang Mountains was selected by the National Painting Exhibition