Wang Xinggang 王興剛 China, b. 1971




Born in 1971 in Liaoling, northern Provence in China, Wang received a B.S. in sculpture making in Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (LXAFA) in 1997. He received a M.A. (Master of Creative Art) in Wollongong University in 2004. His pieces such as “North Wind” have earned him the special prize of the Fourth National Sporting Arts Exhibition and the second prize Liaoning Provincial Art Exhibition. Other winning pieces include “Clearing Up After Drizzle”, “Music of Spring” and “Source of Power”.
Wang’s sculpture is a reflection of the fast moving circumstances surrounding contemporary society in the People’s Republic of China. Wang splits his time between creating sculpture and teaching at Beijing University. His works are a commentary on contemporary Chinese society and the loss of individuality between the demands of work and personal life.

Wang specializes in sculpting peasants as a reflection of the speedy progress of the Chinese society – forgetting the simple and plain individuals still found in the rural areas of the nation. He emphasizes on the modernization of China, prevalence of contemporary trends and loss of individuality between the demands of work and personal life. Unlike his peers, Wang’s focus on rural subjects makes him standout. With his ability to come up with the appropriate blend of both contemporary arts and the topic of countryside in his sculptures, Wang shows his audience his attachment and understanding towards Chinese peasants as well as being able to connect with the modernizing generation. He makes use of his practical experiences and cultural pondering of many years ignite his awareness on the negligence or oversight of those serious problems in the contemporary arts field. In this view, he initiatively chooses and shoulders this cultural responsibility, confines his vision on this field, and focuses on those peasants who are fringed by the urbanization tide.


Selected Exhibitions

The First Annual Moon River Sculpture Festival, The Origin, Beijing, China
Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong

2nd Art Festival of Song Zhuang, China
France Une International Sculpture Competition, France

Beihang Art Museum