Wong Chau-sang Anthony 黃秋生 HK, b. 1961


 “Calligraphy is the key to a culture.”


Born in 1961, Anthony Wong is commonly known for his career in the film and television industry. In his spare time, the British Hong Kong actor embraces his other passions and explores his love for art. Over the years, he has established a solid foundation in calligraphy, experimenting in various styles. The artist’s works reflect his creativity, sense of humour, and fascination in the traditional form of writing that is embedded in his Eastern cultural origins. Many of his calligraphic pieces in this exhibition are at once satirical yet hold art historical references.


黃秋生生於1961年,作為一位英籍的香港影帝獲得了諸多獎項。 空閒時候,他亦會用十分精神來探索對藝術的熱愛。多年來,他建立了堅實的書法基礎,並嘗試了各種風格。黃秋生的書法作品既蘊含了中國傳統書法的風格與魅力,也體現出了黃秋生作為藝術家的創造力、幽默感以及些許諷刺意味。