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MEMORIES IN TIME: Solo Exhibition of Ink and Colour Paintings of CHENG TAN SHAN

  • 21 Nov

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Yan Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition entitled ‘Moments in Time’, a collection of contemporary ink and colour paintings by young Hong Kong artist Sam Cheng.

Sam graduated in 2014 from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a First Class Honors degree in Fine Art. Since graduating she has immersed herself in her art and shown a high degree of dedication and commitment. In her first solo show at Yan Gallery she has taken the theme of childhood as her subject matter. Sam has fond memories of growing up in the countryside where her family were farmers. She played with animals and observed the nature around her, insects such as dragonflies and butterflies fascinated her.

Like every little girl she fantasized about horses and riding. Harking back to those years of yearning for a horse, she now paints them into whimsical scenes. Images of galloping horses tossing their glossy manes feature predominantly in her works along with prancing horse carousels. Although the themes are linked to her childhood and the subjects are naïve and innocent her technique and skills are anything but simplistic. Using gonbi style brush work she depicts her subject matter with utter precision and finesse, combining a sense of youthfulness and novelty with maturity and experience beyond her tender age.

One of the highlights of this exhibition is a work entitled ‘Struggle’ which shows a bamboo cage surrounded by dragonflies – each one is attached by a fine silk thread. They know the thread will kill them if they fly too far and yet they cannot prevent themselves from trying to escape. This deceptively innocent picture is charged with political meaning and shows a depth and maturity of understanding of contemporary Hong Kong life.

Other paintings such as ‘Carousel x Durex’ or ‘Carousel x Chanel’ show a humorous side to her nature and are entertaining as well as reflective of society. At the same time she is able to acknowledge and pay homage to the ancient Song dynasty painters who were masters of shanshui or landscape paintings in works such as ‘A Bottle of Wishes’ or ‘A Tank of Wonderland’, where mountains and water are painted in a traditional style, but also feature rubber ducks or cosmetic bottles alongside these traditional elements.

Sam Cheng’s works offer a delightful combination of naivety and thoughtfulness, juxtaposing weighty issues with innocent flippancies – childlikeness with maturity. It is easy to see that her dedication and hard work will serve her well and we are proud to be exhibiting her first solo show here at Yan Gallery.

For any further information about the artist, please contact the gallery.