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‘Home Sweet Home’ Oil Paintings by Wu Weixin

  • 14 Apr

  • yan.gallery

Water Village II - 50 x 60cm

Yan Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition entitled ‘Home Sweet Home’, a delightful collection of oil paintings by Mainland Chinese artist Wu Weixin depicting scenes of his hometown in Jiangsu Province.

This collection comprises around 25 works and it is immediately evident how fond the artist is of his hometown.  Changshu, like Suzhou, is known for its many waterways and canals.  It has seven small rivers running through it, crisscrossing the city like a spider’s web.  Seemingly unspoilt by modernity there are consequently many picturesque scenes to capture; beautiful stone bridges, small cobbled pathways, white houses with black roofs running along the waterways, so typical of the Jiangnan area.  Wu has spent years sketching these sites and his paintings reflect his indepth knowledge and love of this beautiful location.  His paintings convey a sense of warmth and familiarity that comes from knowing a place inside out.

Wu’s style is impressionistic, using short broken brush strokes he masterfully captures the distorted reflections of buildings in the water.  His tones are harmonious and pleasing – using shades of pale blue, grey, white, brown and black he captures the very essence of this water village, occasionally using a splash of bright red to capture the lanterns hanging off the houses or an attractive shade of pink to capture the blossom on the trees.  Each season is sensitively rendered from the intensity of the summer heat to the coolness of the winter’s snow – Changshu is always alluring, lifting the spirits of the viewer with its oriental charm and drawing them into the artist’s world.

Wu Weixin was born in 1966.  He graduated from the School of Ceramic Art in Yixing, Jiangsu Province.  Now he is a professional painter in the Calligraphy and Painting Institution of Changshu, and a part-time professor in the Changshu University of Technology.  He is also a member of the Chinese Artists Association and has held numerous exhibitions throughout China, including at the Ningbo Museum of Fine Arts, The Qingdao Museum of Fine Arts and the Fujian Province Museum of Fine Arts.  This is his first exhibition in Hong Kong and we are proud to be exhibiting these works at Yan Gallery.

Opening night is on Thursday 28th April, 6-9pm. The artist will be present and a catalogue available. For further enquiries, please contact the gallery.