Upcoming Exhibition: ‘IT’S A COLOURFUL WORLD’: European Artists Group Show x Hong Kong Art Gallery Week




Group Show:

Francesco Lietti, Niel Ballingal,

Richard Winkworth, Louise Soloway

Opening night: 6-9pm, 6 November 2015

As part of Hong Kong Art Gallery Week, Yan Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition by 3 British artists and 1 Italian artist, based either in Hong Kong or the UK.

Francesco has been living in Hong Kong since 2006 and has become well known in the city for his brightly coloured scenes of Hong Kong and around Asia. Francesco clearly has a love of architectural design, as many of his works feature buildings packed densely onto the canvas, mirroring the crowded, yet vibrant city that is Hong Kong. Francesco is passionate about colour and is not afraid to throw reds, pinks, purples, greens, oranges onto the same canvas, creating powerfully rich images full of life and vigour. Recently he has changed the finish of his works, layering them in a thick coat of gloss, giving them a highly polished, lacquered effect and thereby intensifying the colour.

Niel Ballingal, who lives in Sussex, England and exhibited with us for the first time earlier in the year is a highly creative individual who works across several media. For this exhibition we will be showing a collection of his raku fired ceramics created over the summer, his mixed media paintings and also a collection of his monoprints. Niel is strongly influenced by the elements of earth, wind, fire and water and incorporates these into his works, creating dramatic, strong works with rich colours and textures. Niel often incorporates rice into the clay, which after firing, creates a distinctive pattern.

Richard Winkworth works in encaustic, an ancient technique, first used by the Egyptians, in which bees wax and damar resin are heated up together and blended with pigments, then layered onto a wooden surface. Richard uses strong colours and often uses the ‘pot’ as his subject matter. A simple utensil both humble and elegant, which unifies humanity across cultures. These works are inspired by a recent trip to Japan.

Louise Soloway is from the UK, but now calls Hong Kong her home. Her sculpture relief works are to be found at MTR stations in Hong Kong, however, she also works in mixed media on paper. For this exhibition we are showing some of her recent ink sketches depicting local Hong Kong people and local street life. With a wonderful sense of humour and a skillful brush she captures the essence of everyday life seen on the streets of Hong Kong, from the butcher at the market, to the coolies taking a break, to the tai tais having dimsum.

‘It’s a Colourful World’ is an exciting collection of vivid, bright works in various media by four very talented artists. Come and see their skillful renditions and bask in the vibrancy of colour.