Past Exhibition: Solo Show of Ink Paintings by Xiong Zhichun


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Yan Gallery is delighted to announce it will be holding an exhibition of ink paintings by the grandson of Qi Baishi, Xiong Zhichun.

Xiong was born in 1950 in Beijing and is descended on his mother’s side from Qi Baishi, one of the most well-known traditional Chinese painters, famous for his depictions of animals and natural scenery, and in particular in his later years for his depictions of mice, birds and shrimp.

Coming from such an artistic family, it is not surprising that Xiong has been passionate about painting ever since he was a little boy. From a young age he was taught by his grandfather and also his mother, Qi Liangzhi (who was Chairwoman of the China Qi Baishi Art Seminar) and also by his uncle Qi Liangmo, another well-known painter.

In 1991 and 1993 Xiong was invited to hold art exhibitions in Helsinki, Finland and then in 1995 he emigrated there. He now teaches Chinese painting and calligraphy at the Helsinki International Culture Centre and has a dedicated group of followers who are keen to learn the art of Chinese painting and Chinese culture from him.

In this exhibition we will be showing around 30 ink and colour on paper paintings. Xiong depicts scenes of flowers, birds, insects and fruit – he masterfully controls his brush and the flow of ink – at times bold and strong, then blended with soft, delicate tones of colour giving us charming pictures that feel warm and comforting. Like his grandfather, Xiong keeps a perfect balance between Chinese literati style and common folk interest giving us works of art that are neither too highbrow nor too humble.

In addition to painting Xiong is also an accomplished calligrapher. He has held exhibition for his paintings in China, Japan and Europe and has dedicated his life to cultural exchange between China and the West. He is passionate about disseminating information about Chinese art to a wider audience and we are honoured to help him achieve this goal through this art exhibition at Yan Gallery.

A catalogue of the works will be available for the exhibition. For any further information about the artist, please contact the gallery.