Temperament / 心性










Chen Lianqing

Over the last three years, my works have developed out of a complex state. Though it is only three short years, the various problems therein seem to have been condensed. It can also be said of people’s time, i.e., when you’re over 40 years old, you may know a lot about life and the world, but things that you don’t know also increase at any time. When you confirm things in the past you get more certain about them, such as whether society has developed a big step or has moved back a big step, or has just kept still for a time, and this is just as the saying goes: the current selections are all made by mortals, and what appears in this life is the refection of antecedents. Some of the fuzzy things in the past may be confirmed now, and some have gradually cleared up, such as the facts that all people will get aged, and people have to go with the flow, and the temperament and the body must be in accordance with their natural course; to cultivate your temperament, you may resort to Buddhism, and to cultivate your body, you may do exercises. Temperament includes a pure heart, and a healthy diet benefits the body, in such a way everything can be leisurely.

Three years ago I drew pictures which I had wanted to draw two decades ago, and after the completion of that stage, I was of course quite satisfied with myself. Thereafter, I got a little tired in less than two years, and rested for one year and thought for one year. Of course, “one year” was no exact time. New ideas and good condition were the benefits of the clearing of temperament, and I’ m still keen on the depth of painting, on the extraction of images of deeper depths, so that I may continue ceaselessly, and so that I may no longer be tired. To achieve that, a mind background, which is margin-less, wide, deep and harmonious, is indispensable.

These new paintings seem not to be about the present, but what are they about? What is certain is that they are images that I have seen, and they may be what appear on my paintings or they may be what hide in my paintings. What do they mean? There is no meaning; they are just hand-painting of the refection of the antecedents. I do not think this reflection should definitely be beautiful or be bitter and tough, it is a bit complex.

So sometimes people have two kinds of life, one real and one nihilistic; the nihilistic one contains art and spirituality, and maybe dreams. Reality is to go to see the place you want to go and see, because what you can see is real and tangible. Nihilism is just in the painting and intangible, and what you can touch is only the linen propylene. You may think, and you may ponder, and that is what the art is all about, so art is a kind of life.

This text was originally written to state my attainment from the new paintings, but as the writing went on, it was no longer about the new paintings and naturally went on to the temperament. It in a way testified to the fact that painting is hard to explain and is sublime, and I’m afraid that if I go into depth, I may go into the mystery, and if I put it simple, I may put it shallow. So everyone who sees my painting will see it is just about some trivial things, things that are false.