Wang Huaiqing – 2005
Traces of Nature









Traces of Nature

In 1992 Wu Guanzhong and I visited a famous contemporary art museum in London. Standing amongst the beautiful Western sculptures, Wu Guanzhong remarked – and it is an observation that has remained with me until today – that Wang Huai Qing’s paintings would not look at all out of place along side these Western masterpieces.

Hongkong Land have this year very kindly allowed us to use the Rotunda in Exchange Square, a perfect location in which we are proud to be able to show nine of Wang Huai Qing’s works.

At the centre, and dominating the exhibition, stands a large triangular structure displaying two important works, “Crane Head Stick” and “Kung Fu Stick”. Are these paintings, or is this sculpture? Either way, these works forcefully represent the irrepressible spirit of China.

Besides the exhibited works, we also present in this catalogue an additional seventeen oil paintings by Wang Huai Qing, along with sixteen drafts.

We have also included an article by Wu Guanzhong, together with excerpts from articles by a number of celebrated art critics, including Professor Shao Dazhen of the Beijing Central Institute of Fine Arts, Professor Michael Sullivan of Oxford University, Shui Tianzhong and Jia Fangzhou.

This exhibition of paintings will continue on a tour of major art museums throughout Asia over the course of the year.

Fong Yuk Yan

August 2005