Bob Yan – 2000
One Man and his Dog




画面上大块的颜色和鲜明的对比, 使人有如置身於灿烂阳光之下,丰富而纯净的颜色,强劲有力的笔触消除了矫饰的可能, 增加了表现的直接性和表达的真实性。




One Man and his Dog

Sunshine and plants, love and games, friends and pets, it seems all the factors relating to young life can be found in Yan Bo’s paintings. These are part of our lives too, it is just that we seldom notice them, whereas Yan Bo always discovers and describes them with passion. Of course there is also humor and joy.

The big patches of colors and sharp contrasts make people feel like they are under the bright sunshine. The rich and pure colors and the strong brushwork eliminate the possibility of fakery, and increase the directness and authenticity of the art expression.

Yan Bo can always find enjoyment from life. His success is not only because he knows how to deliver the joys, but also because he delivers the idea of discovering these joys. Therefore, besides the enjoyments, the beholder can also feel the encouragement for life from his art works, and the courage and belief of the artist.

Fong Yuk Yan