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Artist Statement:

Living between the sea and the hills in West Sussex, England, I am inspired by the vitality of nature, the spark of life, tides, bird song, and in relationships between the elements – earth, wind, fire and water. I use the theme of journey, voyage and discovery in my acrylic and mixed media paintings. They are a response to the sea, sky, estuary and the horizon; an expression of my internal landscape. I explore the representation of openings. Horizons, the meeting and bridging of elements. My ceramics are Raku fired – a process using the elements – in which thin and fragile clay is exposed to fire and water, and survives to become strong and beautiful. A metamorphosis. Incorporation of rice introduces a textural element when the grains burn out. A fun and unpredictable process with some exciting results. My monoprints – individually unique – are inspired by the line and variation in winter mountain ranges.

I have always lived near the sea, mainly in Cornwall and West Sussex. I studied at Reigate Art School and have work in collections all over the world. I have had solo exhibitions and have been represented in art fairs in London, and in many galleries and art trails across the south of England. I run Therapeutic Art Groups using a wide range of materials and techniques. I am involved in horticulture, music and environmental conservation.