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Zhang Nian Biography
1984 Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts High School, China.
1988 Central Academy of Arts and Design, Guangdong, China. Taught at Shaantou University, Guangdong, China.
2009 Currently Lives in Beijing
Selected Exhibitions
2008 “Zhang Nian”, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2007 “Out of the Southwest”, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou “History and Transcendence”, Zhuopu Art Center, Taiwain “Mirage”, Oriental Vista Gallery,Shanghai
2006 “Moving Memories”, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai “Radiant Moment”, Today Art Museum, Beijing “2006 Contemporary Chinese Art Archive Exhibition” , Millennium Museum, Beijing
2005 “Relations”, Taipei Art Gallery, Gaoxiong Art Gallery, Taiwan “Viewing the Body with the Body” , Contemporary Art Museum, Macau “Moving Socialism, Modern Art exhibition”, Beijing 798 Tense Space
2001 “New Media Exhibition”, Holland “Dialogue ¡V Contemporary Chinese Art” Italy “We Are Together”, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2000 “New Art from China”, Tokyo, Japan
1999 “Chaos”, Photography prize from New York Director”s Club (ADC)
1993 “Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition”, Hannover, German
1992 “Contemporary Paintings ¡V Four Artists”, China Museum of History
1991 “Zhang Nian Painting Exhibition”, Beijing Minority Cultural Center (solo) “Art Exchange with China”, Germany
1990 “Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition ¡V Ten Artists, Capital Museum, Beijing
1989 “China Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Beijing
1987 Beijing Concert Hall Gallery “China Youth Art Exhibition”, National Art Gallery, Beijing