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Renowned Chinese artist Yang Ming-Yi was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu, in 1943. In 1958, he entered the Suzhou Arts and Crafts Institute and, under the instruction of such famous artists as Wu Yangmu and Xu Shiming, graduated with outstanding marks in 1962. He stayed on at the school to teach Chinese art, and after the Cultural Revolution, was appointed Artist-in- Residence at the Suzhou Traditional Painting House. In 1981, he attended an advanced course at the Beijing Central Fine Arts Institute, where he received instruction from such masters of the older generation as Wu Zuoren, Li Keran, Wu Guanzhong and Huang Yongyu. In 1987, he went to the U.S. as an overseas student to continue his artistic training and development. In his early youth, Yang Ming-Yi began a serious, deep and long term study of Chinese traditional painting. Later, he visited celebrated natural landscapes, and the majesty and grandeur of nature affected him deeply and stirred his imagination. His watercolor block prints made in the 1960s have won several awards and been highly appraised at exhibitions in China and abroad. In the 1980s, he turned his attention to Chinese ink and wash paintings, and through a process of ceaseless painstaking dedication to this technique, he was able to form his own distinctive and original style, which has won great esteem in the art world, and has been very infivential. Artists such as Wang Yiqian, Huang Miaozi, Wu Guanzbong, and Huang Yongyu have all written articles in his tribute.