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Works Biography and Information

1934 Born in Tong Xian, Beijing, China.
1945 Went to Indonesia.
1947 Studied Oil Painting under Liem Kwie Bing in Indonesia.
1954 Graduated from Senior High School, Malang, Indonesia.
Went to Bali.
1955 First one-man show held in Pik Gan Art Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia.
1956 Six paintings, including “Punter”, sent to the first exhibition held in Jakarta by
The Indonesian Chinese Art Association.
Second solo exhibition held in Malang, Indonesia.
1959 Works by returning overseas Chinese exhibited in Beijing Art Exhibition
1962 “North Sea Park” exhibited in Beijing Art Show, Beihai Park, Beijing. “Girl on the Boat”, “Drinking Horse”, “Qi Qi, Cha Cha”, shown in Hua Fang Zhai, Beihai Park, Beijing.
1977 “Evening Pavilion” shown in Beijing Art Exhibition.
1978 Tsao Tali, Wang Lu, Pang Jun, Yan Zhenduo Oil Painting Exhibition held at the Worker’s Culture Palace, Beijing.
“Yellow Mountain” exhibited in Beijing Workers’ Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Beijing.
1979 “Autumn”, “Inverted Image” and “Water” exhibited in Spring Landscape Still Life Exhibition at Zhong Shan Park, Beijing.
“Spring” and “Refugee” exhibited in 30th Anniversary Beijing Exhibition.
“Spirit of Bali” exhibited in Beijing Oil Painting Research Club Exhibition, (the original version now in collection of Beijing Artists’ Association).
1980 “Gui Lin Moonlight”, “Dance”, “Li Tribe Girl”, “Falls” and “Tree” displayed in the 3rd Exhibition of the Beijing Oil Painting Research Club. (“Li Tribe Girl” in the collection of China Art Gallery).
1981 “Jiu Zhai Go”, “Water Fall”, “Red Leaves on the Stake”, “Blue Lagoon”, “Virgin Forest” exhibited in Landscapes of the Forest Exhibition, Beijing.
1982 Tsao Tali, Guan Qige, Ge Pengren Exhibition held in National Art Gallery, Beijing (sponsored by the Chinese Artists’ Association).
“Boat for Rent” exhibited at Beijing Artists’ Association.
“Boat of Rent” exhibited at Beijing Art Show at the National Art Gallery, Beijing.
“Lady Magician” and four other paintings exhibited in Oil Painting Research Club Exhibition, Beijing.
“Spring”, “Gate of the Sea” and “Skaters” exhibited in 25th Anniversary Exhibition of Beijing Academy of Fine Art.
1983 “Mother and Child” exhibited in Beijing of Today.
“Other Shore” exhibited at the Qiao Xiang Show held in Beijing and Guangzhou.
1984 “Cook from Daban Town” won 2nd prize in the Quangming Daily Show. The painting is now in the collection of the Beijing Artist’s Association.
1985 “Small Boat”, “Magnet”, “Autumn” and “Jiuzhai Water Fall” displayed in the Modern Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing.
“Water Street” and “Illusion” exhibited in Beijing Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition.
1986 “Lyric” exhibited in Sixth Triennial India 1986 Exhibition, New Delhi. “Windmill and Mushroom Cloud”, “Volcano” displayed in Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing.
“Sentimental Journey” and “Fish” displayed in Co-exhibition of Chengdu and Beijing Academies of Fine Art, held in Beijing and Chengdu.
1987 “Small Boat”, “Other Shore”, “Windmill and Mushroom Cloud” exhibited in Contemporary Oil Paintings from China at Harkness House, New York, 1st – 23rd April 1987.
“Blue Planet” displayed at 30th Anniversary of Beijing Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition at China Art Gallery, Beijing.
One-man show at Asian Garden, Los Angeles, USA.
1989 “Days and Years” exhibited in 7th National Art Exibition, Beijing
Selection Committee Member – The National Art Exhibition Oil Painting Section.
Went to Russia.
1990 Returned to Indonesia.
“Small Boat” shown in Turkey Biennial, Ankara, Turkey.
“Scenery of Salt Land” shown in China Landscape Oil Painting Masterpieces Exhibition.
1991 “Pokrovsky Cathedral” shown in China Annual Oil Painting Exhibition.
1993 “Wu Zhuo Ren” shown in China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition.
1994 Selection Committee Member for The 8th National Art Exhibition, Beijing.
1995 One-man show at Central Institute of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing.
1997 “Small Boat” shown in China Oil Portrait Painting Centennial.
Two-man show at Yi Hua Lang, Hong Kong.
2002 One-man show in Los Angeles, USA.