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Chu Hung was born in Suzhou, China. He currently works as a professional artist based in San Francisco, USA. Painting in mixed media on thick, strong Korean paper, Chu Hung has developed a fine, colourful personal style. His works are exhibited in many countries in Europe, Asia and the States and there are over ten publications of his work.
1960 Born in Suzhou, China.
1983-87 Studied as a scholarship student at Zhejiang Fine Art Academy.
1988-91 Taught at Zhejiang Fine Art Academy and had first one-man show at Hua Qiao University.
1989 One work selected for 7th National Art Exhibition.
1990 Two works selected for “The Art from China Exhibition”, Germany.
One work selected for “The Exhibition of Modern Chinese Masters’ Paintings” held in Tokyo, Japan.
1990 Settled down in Hong Kong.
One-man show, Taipei.
One-man show at Seibu Art Gallery, Hong Kong.
1992 Began teaching at the School of Continuing Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
1993 One-man show, Taipei.
1994 One work selected for “The Contemporary Hong Kong Biennial Art Exhibition”.
One-man show, Taipei.
One-man show at “94 Art Asia”, Hong Kong.
1995 One-man show at “95 Art Asia”, Hong Kong.
1996 One-man show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
One-man show, Taipei.
Joint exhibition, Singapore.
Joint exhibition at “TAF 96 Taipei International Art Fair”.
1996 One-man show, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
One-man show, Hong Kong.
1998 One-man show, Taipei.
2001 One-man show, Birds of a Feather, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong