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Works Biography and Information

Born in 1979 in Xian You County, Fujian Province
Graduated from Fine Arts department in Fujian Normal University
Now works as a professional artist

Solo Exhibitions
2006 “Game”- Solo Exhibition, Beijing
2006 Chen Hongzhi Solo Exhibition, Fuzhou China

Selected Group Exhibitions
2006 China Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition, Beijing
2006 China Art Today Exhibition, Beijing
2006 “Meet”- The 3rd International Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition, Xiamen
2006 “Unrestricted Description” Exhibition in 798 Art Salon, Beijing
2005 “Order of Illusion” – Fuzhou Contemporary Young Artists’ Works Exhibition, Fuzhou, China
2005 Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artists Awards, Shanghai
2005 Passes Though the Space – the 1st International Biennial Urban Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai
2005 Visual Shock – Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition, Shanghai
2004 Pureness – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Fuzhou, China
2004 Young Strength – Chinese Newborn Artist Exhibition, Beijing/Shenzhen
2003 The 3rd Grand Exhibition of Chinese Oil Paintings, Beijing
2003 Scholarship Invitation Exhibition of Fujian Contemporary Artists, Fuzhou China