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Born in 1961. Graduated from Industry Design College, Jiangnan University in 1982.
Member of “Red Trip”, an art group in Jiangsu Province, during 1985. Launched “Art Currents” magazine in 1991.
Launched “Culture and Art Forum”, a series of books, in 1992.
Early works in oil.
Started painting “Dots” abstract works in 1993. Began to imitate and copy old figural pictures to oil paintings as well.
Currently living in Beijing
1985 Art Exhibition of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
1986 Six-Person Exhibition, Changzhou Sun-tanning, Nanjing
1987 Red Trip, First Stop Exhibition, Nanjing
1989 China Modern Art Exhibition, Beijing
1991 Launched “Art Currents” magazine
1992 Launched serial book “Culture and Art Forum”
1993 Solo Exhibition, Taiwan, Kaohsiung
1995 Zhou Junwei, Hong Lei and Cao Xiaodong, Trio Art Exhibition, Changzhou
-Corrupturism, Beijing -Images Telling Stories – Chinese New Concept Photography Exhibition, Shanghai
-Jianghu Art, Beijing
-Abstract 798, Bejing -Art No Boundary, Beijing -Documental Exhibition of China Modern Art, The China Millennium Monument, Beijing
-It’s Mean, Beijing
-Sunshine, Beijing
-Predicament, Shanghai
-Solo Exhibition, Beijing
-Rotation, Qinghe Museum
-Opening Exhibition, Nanjing
-Revolution, China Square
-Gallery, New York
-Solo Exhibition, Ode Gallery, Singapore
-Solo Exhibition, Wellington Gallery, Hong Kong
-Abstract, Trio Art Exhibition, Beijing
-Save As, Solo Exhibition, Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami
-Stars of China – Past and Present, Modern Art Museum Jan van der Togt, Holland
-Chinese Scene – Chongqing
-Station, Contemporary Art Big
-Exhibition, Chongqing
-Cao Xiaodong Abstract Solo
-Exhibition, Egg Gallery, Beijing
-Nothing, Genssun Gallery, Bejing
-Beijing 798 Biennale 2009, Beijing
-Manner, Longdexuan Art Centre, Beijing
-Link, Shanghai, Mingyuan Art Museum
-Quotations from 7 Xi, Longdexuan Art Centre, Beijing -Trace, Time Museum, Beijing