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“I was born in 1967 in Chongqing and now live in Beijing. Since childhood I have been fond of painting, so at the age of sixteen I went to Shanghai and Suzhou to learn landscape oil painting. Two years later I entered the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and graduated with a BFA from the Chinese Painting Department in 1989. That year I went to a Chinese semi-classical furniture factory in Guangzhou and specialized in painting figures onto the furniture. Then I worked in Interior Design in Shenzhen and Chongqing. In my spare time, I often pondered about the arts. In 1994 I painted a series of works, which I was not satisfied with, because they were not what I wanted to express. I stopped painting and went back to study traditional Chinese Painting. Even in 1997 I still could not find my own unique style. In 1999 I finally abandoned the complicated and mysterious thoughts I had been having, and then had some simple ones. Based on these simple thoughts, I worked out a new series towards the end of 2000. These works are the basis for my recent paintings.”
-Chen Lianqing
2014 Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong, China
2014 17th Beijing Art EXPO 2014 – Contemporary Young and Middle Aged Artists New Prominent Artworks Exhibition, Beijing
2011 Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong, China

2009 Beijing 798 Biennale

2008 Chen Lianqing Solo Exhibitions, “Flooding the Forbidden City”, Asia House, London

2008 Chen Lianqing Solo Exhibitions, South Korea

2007 Changes Never Appeared Before – New Art from China, Season Gallery, Switzerland

2007 Chen Lianqing Solo Exhibitions, Hong Kong China

2006 Beyond Experience New China, Arario, Bejing, China

2006 Stroll in the Garden, Gong Gallery Opening Exhibition, Beijing, China

2006 The Self-Made Generation, 2005 Chinese Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Zhengda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
2005 Post Factory – Come and Gone, Beijing 798, China
2002 “Media City” – Idea Art Exhibition, Artistic Art Museum of People’s Commune of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2001 The Shanghai Fine Art Exhibition, Art Museum of Shanghai, China

1998 Chinese Figure Painting Exhibition, Zhejiang, China
1997 Six European Countries’ Tour Show, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, etc.
1988 Six Artists’ Exhibition, Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, China


Catalogues & Articles about Chen Lianqing:


The Art of Myself (《自己的藝術》); 2014; ISBN: 962-8802-80-1; total pages: 77; price: 280 HKD
Chen Lianqing Recent Works (《陳聯慶新作》); 2014; ISBN: 962-8802-80-1; total pages: 65; price: 180 HKD
Flooding the Forbidden City (《水淹紫禁城》); 2008.

Painting and My State of Mind(《心境使然》), author: Chen Lianqing
Chen Lianqing: the Art of Myself(《自己的藝術》), author: Zhang Zongxi
Temperament(《心性》), author: Chen Lianqing