Drunk in Dreams 醉與夢: Lin Jinfu Solo Exhibition 林金福個展

Yan Gallery is thrilled to announce its forthcoming exhibition, entitled ‘Drunk in Dreams’, a collection of around some 30 delicate nude paintings by the Chinese artist Lin Jinfu (Jeff Lin).


Lin Jinfu was born in Longyan of Fujian Province in 1978. He graduated from Department of Sculpture of Fujian School of Fine Arts in 1999 and was admitted into Department of Sculpture of Academy of Arts, Tsinghua University in 2002 with the second highest scores for the major. In 2003, he transferred to Department of Oil Painting with the highest scores in the major in his class, following renowned artists Mr. Chen Danqing and Mr. Xin Dongwang. He has received scholarship of Friend of Tsinghua University for three consecutive years. He graduated from Department of Oil Painting, Tsinghua University in 2006. 


After four years of exploration, Lin eventually found the most suitable approaches

for him to express himself. He has started to take up the realistic and classical style in his drawings since 2010. With influence from his sculpture studies in his early years, Lin’s works are solid in structure with complete and rigorous composition.


Lin has long been interested in human bodies and facial expression. He believes human is the most beautiful image in nature and an everlasting theme for art creation. His works present pure beauty that combines features of both males and females, surpassing differences between the sexes, while it is also a breakthrough of Chinese tradition. Lin shows his special fondness for male bodies and often chooses strong and handsome models as his drawing subjects. In his drawings, their gesture languages seem to be telling you something and simultaneously suppressing some other things. Behind the movements of flesh bodies, gloomy vitality is slightly demonstrated.


The artist will be present at the opening on 30 August, 2018.