Ink Paintings by Yick Hang 益行彩墨: Yick Hang Solo Exhibition 益行水墨個展



——鄧海超 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院客席教授

“To become a genuine artist with distinctive personal style, the first stage of cultivation is to get ample tuition from a competent master, and then seek nutrients from the tradition, attain mastery of basic artistic techniques and identify one’s own favored pursuits in order to build up individual style with creativity and originality. Yet what is more important is that the artist should also care for the people and affairs happening around them and inject true passion for enriching the essence of their work and arouse viewers’ attention and feelings. Yick Hang (Tsui Yick-hang, Anne), a senior female ink painter, is a representative figure with such artistic endeavors in Hong Kong.

…As an ink painter, Yick Hang pursues artistic pursuits in traditional ink and brush with manipulation of line, color and pictorial compositions to construct the basic framework of her works. Various masters such as Wu Yangmu, Fu Baoshi, Ya Ming, Chen Dayu and others inspired her, and observation as well as study of works by other masters, including Wu Guanzhong, Lin Fengmian and others also provided her with fresh artistic visions. However, she does not confine herself only to the traditions or the styles of modern painters, but opens herself to new paths in the genres of landscapes, scenic portrayals, flowers and figures with her creative spirit.”

——TANG Hoi-chiu, Adjunct Professor,
Academy of Visual Arts, The Baptist University of Hong Kong